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Players visit from all over the world! So they will have the opportunity to try out your games for free.

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International Exposure

Already a favourite amongst Europe’s best online casinos. All your games will enjoy the exposure that provides.

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International Exposure

Play for real at
Europe's best online casinos

Players can choose one of their favourite online casinos to play your games for real money.

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We’ll also include your own page on

With your own profile page on, you will be able to connect directly with players. Letting them know what’s hot and new for your games.

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Once registration has been checked and given a green light from our end, we will give you credentials that will grant you secure access to our API. It’s that simple! No contracts required.


Consume our API

We’ve kept it simple. With just a simple data set, explained in our well documented Game API, your games can enjoy the benefits of the platform in no time.


Quality Control

Games will be audited to make sure they respect the high-quality standard that has become known for. Games that don’t meet our standards, will be declined.


Enjoy the Exposure

Sit back and let players from all around the world enjoy the entertainment your games provide. Don’t forget, the games will be sitting beside Europe’s top online casinos.


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